February failure in Fail February

Rachel at Sew RED-Y has declared February to be the month to show off all those sewing failures. I have some hidden away in the closet, but wouldn’t you guess there’s a failed make right there on my sewing table.

This make was ment to be # 3 in the Deep Stash Challenge hosted by the Facebook Group “Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests”. It should have been a beautiful Marigold from Tilly and the Buttons. Marigold is a summer pattern and therefore meant to be sewn in light and draped fabric. Well, I thought I would give it a try in some cord anyway, so I wouldn’t have to wait until summer to use it. But as most of you probably have guessed  by now –  that didn’t work out as I had thought. To be honest, there’s so much extra fabric around the waist and crotch, that it seems like I’m wearing a diaper.

Well, I had some second thoughts about using cord before I decided to have a go. I browsed the internet for pictures of cord trousers to have a look at how the legs were. I found that I liked the ones with wide legs the best, so I added 1,5 cm to the legs. Hoping that the fabric would hang better and compensate for the lack of drape. I also tried to pack the fabric around my waist to see if the fabric would make rigid edges, but the cord was (and is) super soft so it looked ok. In my head the cord Marigold looked amazing, and I started to sew with great optimism.

It’s sad that the fabric didn’t work,  because I really like the softness in it, and I think it would have been perfect for some trousers or in a shirt.

So there you have it, my Marigold is laying on my sewing table (or our dining table), and I don’t know what to do with it. But at least I’m one experience richer.

I won

Some time ago I was the happy winner of a giveaway.  Sheila at LaCarteradesigns was celebrating her 4 year Blogiversary and kindly had a  giveaway-party!

I was very lucky to win 3 yards of fabric from her Spoonflower shop. What a great start to 2017 🙂

I’m thinking a summer dress, but I ain’t sure. Time will show. 🙂

A new Megan dress at the Murakami exhibition

It took me some time, but here’s my newest make: the Megan dress. It is also a Tilly and the Buttons pattern. (I guess I have a pattern company crush:-) This one is from the book “Love at first Stitch”.

I  decided it needed lining, since it is freezing cold outside and because I was afraid the dress would be see through in the summer time, when the sun is shining at its brightest. So far so good,  for little could I know I needed to hand stitch the lining to the dress all the way down the zipper, or that I would hate it so absolutely. Let’s hope that that will change in the future, fingers crossed. That being said, the fabric I used for lining wasn’t so hard to sew with as I feared.

The dress will also serve as my make number two in the SSW; Deep Stash.

But the best part is of course the feeling of wearing something self made, wouldn’t you agree? And even better, I got to wear it at an exhibition opening at Astrup Fearnley Museum featuring Takashi Murakami. The artist himself was present, and I got to take a picture with him. Talk about being starstrucked:-) 🙂 🙂

All in all I’m pleased with the dress, but I had to take the side seams in 1,5 cm so next time I will make it in a smaller size and rather make an FBA.

That`s it for now folks! Hope you all will have a good time until next time:-)