Loving The Sewing Community

I think it has to been two years since I started this cardigan. Much has been made in the meantime, but this one is still in the UFO heap. It is not a very advanced pattern, only one color in moss stitch. Still, I always make mistakes that need to be taken up and done again, which is so frustrating. But unlike other projects I haven’t finished, I always feel some extra guilt  every time I see this one. Not just because of unused yarn and lack of enthusiasm from my part. But because another member of a Facebook knitting-group took time out off her own free time, and met me at a café to help me with it. It was incredibly kind of her. She didn’t know me, only than I could need her knitting skills and knowledge. I get renewed faith in humanity again when I meet such nice people, so it’s a bit extra sad that I never seem to get this cardigan finished.

I think her goodness is a good picture of the kindness in the online crafting community.

So this is a shout out to you all. You are amazingly awesome!

Christmas ornaments

Ever since Arne & Carlos released “Julekuler” I have wanted to knit my own Christmas decorations. But every year Christmas has sneaked up on me before I’ve even finished the thought. That’s why I’m, already in September, sitting in my living room and making  Christmas ornaments. The goal is to get enough  for a small tree. I doubt that all my decorations will be knitted this year, but I hope there will be more than four so they don’t  look completely out of place on the tree 🙂

A sample ball  is ready and I have begun my first ball with a pattern. I have never knitted with more than one colour on five needles before, and have to realise that this may take a while. I bought some shorter knitting needles and that helped, but it’s not going fast anyway. On the other hand, it’s a nice Christmas atmosphere here.

A sewing plan

There is a #sewphotohop challenge going on at Instagram now , and yesterday’s theme was plans. There is so much I want to sew – and the “to do” list are just getting longer and longer. It really could be an idea to get a better overview.

The first thing I’m going to sew is this Chloe coat from Sew Over It. I have started preparations and hope to start sewing tomorrow. It would have been nice if it was done over a fortnight. The cold winter are coming  quickly, and it would be great to be able to used it a few times before raincoats and cotton jackets have to be replaced with wool and bubble jackets.

The next project will be a “selfless” project. I want to sew something for my niece. For a while back I won some patches I would like to sew onto a dress. But I have postponed it because I lack experience, and the dress pattern I have bought seems so complicated. I have for a while now wanted to sew a shirt for my man, but again I postponed  because it’s no fun to give away a garment with lots of mistakes.

Something I’ve missed in the wardrobe for a long time is a cardigan, and the other day I came across this pattern from Muse. It ended up in the top four priority list. There is also a #cosycardichallenge on Instagram that would be fun to participate in.

This was four from a long list of projects I want to sew, so we’ll see if I can stick to the plan or if I will stray away with a new and exciting project.

The lovely promise of an new garment.

It’s a cold, windy and just a little bit rainy day outside – you know just the perfect day for staying inside, sewing with a good conscience. In Norway we don’t have that many sunny days, so when we do you kinda feel you have to take advantage of it.

But today I’m cutting out my fabric, and feeling the promise of an new garment. It’s a new start and I’m loving it.

I just hope I have chosen the right fabric. It’s a quite soft heavyweight cotton, but it has some hold to it. It also fringe a little bit too easily, so I think I’ll stay stitch the whole coat.

My first coat.

The calendar shows September and autumn is officially here. That means trees in beautiful colors, dark evenings with candles and last but not least evenings indoors. But it also means that we will have to wear a jacket again, and this year I want to sew it myself. It has not been easy to choose a pattern, because I wanted it to be easy to sew without it looking cheap and simple. I ended up choosing Sew Over It‘s Chloe Coat. The coat is classical and can be used with most of my outfits, but the tipping point for a not so experienced  seamstress like me,  was the sew along.

Fabric for coat and lining is purchased and on its way to the washing machine.