Christmas ornaments

Ever since Arne & Carlos released “Julekuler” I have wanted to knit my own Christmas decorations. But every year Christmas has sneaked up on me before I’ve even finished the thought. That’s why I’m, already in September, sitting in my living room and making  Christmas ornaments. The goal is to get enough  for a small tree. I doubt that all my decorations will be knitted this year, but I hope there will be more than four so they don’t  look completely out of place on the tree 🙂

A sample ball  is ready and I have begun my first ball with a pattern. I have never knitted with more than one colour on five needles before, and have to realise that this may take a while. I bought some shorter knitting needles and that helped, but it’s not going fast anyway. On the other hand, it’s a nice Christmas atmosphere here.