About me

For just over two years ago, I taught myself to knit through YouTube, and I quickly found out, that there is something therapeutic about watching skeins of yarn turning into a sweater. I could pull an all-nighter just to knit an arm a few centimeters longer, and feel the creative rush it gave. But knitting takes time, so the summer of 2016 I borrowed my mum’s sewing machine, and put on YouTube – and again I was pretty quickly amazed at how incredibly satisfying it is to create something yourself. Sewing also gave quicker results, and the opportunity to make clothes for many more occasions.
I still feel like a novice, both in knitting and sewing, so the thought with this page is to follow and document my progress, and of course have some fun doing so. Maybe I even can inspire someone else, the way I’ve been inspired by all the great people / pages / bloggers / videos in the big internet world.

So welcome to my site, so happy you dropped by 🙂

Get your inner crafter out