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Loving The Sewing Community

I think it has to been two years since I started this cardigan. Much has been made in the meantime, but this one is still in the UFO heap. It is not a very advanced pattern, only one color in moss stitch. Still, I always make mistakes that need to be taken up and done again, which is so frustrating. But unlike other projects I haven’t finished, I always feel some extra guilt  every time I see this one. Not just because of unused yarn and lack of enthusiasm from my part. But because another member of a Facebook knitting-group took time out off her own free time, and met me at a café to help me with it. It was incredibly kind of her. She didn’t know me, only than I could need her knitting skills and knowledge. I get renewed faith in humanity again when I meet such nice people, so it’s a bit extra sad that I never seem to get this cardigan finished.

I think her goodness is a good picture of the kindness in the online crafting community.

So this is a shout out to you all. You are amazingly awesome!

Christmas ornaments

Ever since Arne & Carlos released “Julekuler” I have wanted to knit my own Christmas decorations. But every year Christmas has sneaked up on me before I’ve even finished the thought. That’s why I’m, already in September, sitting in my living room and making  Christmas ornaments. The goal is to get enough  for a small tree. I doubt that all my decorations will be knitted this year, but I hope there will be more than four so they don’t  look completely out of place on the tree 🙂

A sample ball  is ready and I have begun my first ball with a pattern. I have never knitted with more than one colour on five needles before, and have to realise that this may take a while. I bought some shorter knitting needles and that helped, but it’s not going fast anyway. On the other hand, it’s a nice Christmas atmosphere here.

A sewing plan

There is a #sewphotohop challenge going on at Instagram now , and yesterday’s theme was plans. There is so much I want to sew – and the “to do” list are just getting longer and longer. It really could be an idea to get a better overview.

The first thing I’m going to sew is this Chloe coat from Sew Over It. I have started preparations and hope to start sewing tomorrow. It would have been nice if it was done over a fortnight. The cold winter are coming  quickly, and it would be great to be able to used it a few times before raincoats and cotton jackets have to be replaced with wool and bubble jackets.

The next project will be a “selfless” project. I want to sew something for my niece. For a while back I won some patches I would like to sew onto a dress. But I have postponed it because I lack experience, and the dress pattern I have bought seems so complicated. I have for a while now wanted to sew a shirt for my man, but again I postponed  because it’s no fun to give away a garment with lots of mistakes.

Something I’ve missed in the wardrobe for a long time is a cardigan, and the other day I came across this pattern from Muse. It ended up in the top four priority list. There is also a #cosycardichallenge on Instagram that would be fun to participate in.

This was four from a long list of projects I want to sew, so we’ll see if I can stick to the plan or if I will stray away with a new and exciting project.

The lovely promise of an new garment.

It’s a cold, windy and just a little bit rainy day outside – you know just the perfect day for staying inside, sewing with a good conscience. In Norway we don’t have that many sunny days, so when we do you kinda feel you have to take advantage of it.

But today I’m cutting out my fabric, and feeling the promise of an new garment. It’s a new start and I’m loving it.

I just hope I have chosen the right fabric. It’s a quite soft heavyweight cotton, but it has some hold to it. It also fringe a little bit too easily, so I think I’ll stay stitch the whole coat.

My first coat.

The calendar shows September and autumn is officially here. That means trees in beautiful colors, dark evenings with candles and last but not least evenings indoors. But it also means that we will have to wear a jacket again, and this year I want to sew it myself. It has not been easy to choose a pattern, because I wanted it to be easy to sew without it looking cheap and simple. I ended up choosing Sew Over It‘s Chloe Coat. The coat is classical and can be used with most of my outfits, but the tipping point for a not so experienced  seamstress like me,  was the sew along.

Fabric for coat and lining is purchased and on its way to the washing machine.

Dancing in my Zadie dress

When I started to knit I ended up with a big yarn stash, which I’m not sure I will ever be able to use up in my lifetime. It fills up a big bookshelf, an almost as big drawer and some boxes as well. We don’t have the biggest apartment so we need every bit of spare space we have. And now I have taken up half of our basement storeroom with yarn, and our living room are starting to look like a sewing room. I think I must have the most patient boyfriend ever. For that reason I’m trying to use up some of my fabric stash, before his patience runs  out.

And since I have been eyeballing the new Zadie dress from Tillys for a while, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use up some of my  fabric.  I let the fabric onto the table and had a look.

I decided to go for the flower print, and just buy some black for the panels, which I easily could buy online to avoid all the temptations in a fabric store. But when I lay the pattern over the fabric I didn’t have enough fabric, I needed more of the same sort.

So you know I ended up in the fabric store anyway, and don’t you know that I fell for the temptation and bought some beautiful fabric I thought would look even better as a Zadie dress then the one I already had? 🙂

Only to get home, and realize that the fabric I just bought didn’t have enough stretch in it.

So I was back to the beginning, and couldn’t go back to the fabric store yet again. I had to go for something I already owned. I cut out the front & back bodies, pocket facing, front & back skirt in some black and gray fabric. And the arm, side back & front panel, and neckband in some plain gray. Perhaps I should have cut the colors the other way around, but the gray fabric is much lighter than the striped one, and I wasn’t sure it  would have held the skirt in place.

I made a FBA even though the fabric is stretchable. I have quite a full bosom, so when I was going to stitch the pieces together they had been adjusted to much and wouldn’t fit together any more.

The finished result is okay, but it could have been better if the fabric was in the same weight, and the FBA had worked better. Even so I will be dancing in my Zadie dress until the next time we meet.

February failure in Fail February

Rachel at Sew RED-Y has declared February to be the month to show off all those sewing failures. I have some hidden away in the closet, but wouldn’t you guess there’s a failed make right there on my sewing table.

This make was ment to be # 3 in the Deep Stash Challenge hosted by the Facebook Group “Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests”. It should have been a beautiful Marigold from Tilly and the Buttons. Marigold is a summer pattern and therefore meant to be sewn in light and draped fabric. Well, I thought I would give it a try in some cord anyway, so I wouldn’t have to wait until summer to use it. But as most of you probably have guessed  by now –  that didn’t work out as I had thought. To be honest, there’s so much extra fabric around the waist and crotch, that it seems like I’m wearing a diaper.

Well, I had some second thoughts about using cord before I decided to have a go. I browsed the internet for pictures of cord trousers to have a look at how the legs were. I found that I liked the ones with wide legs the best, so I added 1,5 cm to the legs. Hoping that the fabric would hang better and compensate for the lack of drape. I also tried to pack the fabric around my waist to see if the fabric would make rigid edges, but the cord was (and is) super soft so it looked ok. In my head the cord Marigold looked amazing, and I started to sew with great optimism.

It’s sad that the fabric didn’t work,  because I really like the softness in it, and I think it would have been perfect for some trousers or in a shirt.

So there you have it, my Marigold is laying on my sewing table (or our dining table), and I don’t know what to do with it. But at least I’m one experience richer.

A new Megan dress at the Murakami exhibition

It took me some time, but here’s my newest make: the Megan dress. It is also a Tilly and the Buttons pattern. (I guess I have a pattern company crush:-) This one is from the book “Love at first Stitch”.

I  decided it needed lining, since it is freezing cold outside and because I was afraid the dress would be see through in the summer time, when the sun is shining at its brightest. So far so good,  for little could I know I needed to hand stitch the lining to the dress all the way down the zipper, or that I would hate it so absolutely. Let’s hope that that will change in the future, fingers crossed. That being said, the fabric I used for lining wasn’t so hard to sew with as I feared.

The dress will also serve as my make number two in the SSW; Deep Stash.

But the best part is of course the feeling of wearing something self made, wouldn’t you agree? And even better, I got to wear it at an exhibition opening at Astrup Fearnley Museum featuring Takashi Murakami. The artist himself was present, and I got to take a picture with him. Talk about being starstrucked:-) 🙂 🙂

All in all I’m pleased with the dress, but I had to take the side seams in 1,5 cm so next time I will make it in a smaller size and rather make an FBA.

That`s it for now folks! Hope you all will have a good time until next time:-)

SSW Deep Stash

It’s kinda strange how easily a stash is created. I have only been sewing for about six months, and already I have filled up one dresser. I can only imagine what it can grow into if I don’t take action and do something about it. So when I stumbled over the Facebook group “Sew Along & Sewing Contests”, and they were having a deep stash contest, I thought “why not?”- even though my pattern and fabric stash isn’t that old yet.

First, I tried to get an overview, and my guess is that there will be a lot of summer clothes since most of the patterns that have been queued are from my very start. Perhaps I will be ready for “self-made May”, if the summer here in Norway comes early.

The first stash-make I did, was a Coco dress from “Tilly and the Buttons”. I find this sweater super cozy, and I have been wearing it a lot since I made it. 

Actually, I have made it once before, but I have been meaning to make another one with some adjustments to it, to make it more my style. But as it is more fun to make something new it has been pushed down the queue. And it would probably still be in it, if it hadn’t been for the “Deep Stash Contest”.


I’m finally finished with my shirt. Actually it has been done for about a week, but I haven’t got around to take photos. Earlier this week we (my boyfriend and I) went to Olympen/Lompa to have some fancy beers. Lompa has a very cozy atmosphere, as one of Oslo’s oldest pubs, or maybe it’s more like a mini beer hall. The surroundings were so good that I thought it was finally time to take some pictures. The photos, though, didn’t turn out so great, since I couldn’t sit still.

So everything was put on hold until I could get some better pictures, but it seemed like I couldn’t stand still the next time either. Standing still in pictures has to be high up in my how to do-list. I guess this is quite a common problem for us newbie bloggers:-)

I was sewing this shirt with help from an online workshop at Tilly and the Buttons, and I’m so happy with the result (and for sure I would never have been able to do it all by myself).

It has a little too much fabric at the shoulders, and when I move around it feels like it is a bit too little fabric in the back.

But it was so much fun making this shirt, and I can’t help feeling proud when I wear it. There will be many,  many more!